Heat Pump Installation in Lafayette, Louisiana

Heat Pump Installation in Lafayette, Louisiana

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When your heat pump stops working, you often are hopeful you’ll only require repair instead of heat pump installation in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Regrettably, a repair isn’t always possible—or worth the cost.

AC Sales can assist you with HVAC installation if your unit is is far from an inexpensive repair call. Call us at (337) 234-2345 now for help choosing a modern system that fits your finances, energy-efficiency objectives and home comfort desires.

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4 Signals You Need to Install a New Your Heat Pump

Even if you’re convinced your equipment is scheduled to be changed, it can be useful to keep in mind normal indications to make sure. It could be time to buy a new system if any of the following are applicable.

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1. Your Unit Is More Than a Decade Old

Although we wish our heating and cooling equipment could last for all eternity, they have a definite life cycle. The longest life owners generally get from their system is 15 years.

That’s an admirable target, but not always obtainable. If your heat pump stops working after its 10th birthday, it’s probably a smarter financial choice to invest in a more modern heat pump.

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2. Your Home Comfort Is Dipping

As your heat pump gets older, it has to try harder to manage an equivalent measure of home comfort you’ve previously enjoyed. Over time, your heat pump might lose a percentage of that ability. And if you’ve made an effort to fix the situation with other adjustments without any luck, it’s presumably time to select a replacement.

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3. Your Heat Pump Works Frequently

Unless the weather is extremely frigid, your heat pump shouldn’t work all the time. Cycles are an essential piece of the approach that units operate. If they’re beginning to become less frequent, you have an issue with your equipment.

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4. Your Heating and Cooling Bills are Increasing

When you bought your unit, you presumably searched for an energy-efficient solution. As time passes, your heat pump might not be strong enough to keep up. If you’re seeing your utility expenses increasing with no apparent cause, it could be time to search for a replacement.

Pluses of Buying a New Heat Pump

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Though you might not be excited about selecting a replacement, an up-to-date heat pump offers a few perks for your residence.
  • Boosted energy efficiency. If it’s exceeded 10 years since you’ve replaced your unit, you’re losing out on better energy-efficient options. With SEER ratings now available up to 20 or higher, you have more alternatives for an energy-efficient home than ever before.
  • Increased home comfort. With an up-to-date system, you’ll have the greatest achievable home comfort you could have. Any power your last heat pump lost over time will be returned—and maybe more.
  • Better management over your system. You may have got your equipment from your home’s prior owners. Perhaps you’re just needing an enhancement. Either way, getting a new system is the perfect time to take control of your heat pump. You can select a smart thermostat or add-ons, such as an air purifier. It’s all possible when you buy a new system!

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