Heat Pump Maintenance in Lafayette, Louisiana

Heat Pump Maintenance in Lafayette, Louisiana

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Heat pump maintenance in Lafayette, Louisiana, is important for keeping your system working effectively for many years.

It’s the least complicated method to save energy and bypass a pricey, troublesome service call.

Without a regular tune-up, your heat pump can make you pay a chunk of change in energy bills and home comfort. Studies have shown heat pumps that aren’t serviced regularly work much harder.

A severely neglected outside unit can use 10 to 25 percent more electricity than a maintained unit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You’ll see that reflected on your home comfort bills monthly—and it won’t be cheap.

Tune-ups make your system more stable too. You could have issues sneaking just out of sight. A professional tune-up can help manage them before they become a problem.

There’s a high probability you’ll steer clear of service calls for common problems like freezing up or perpetual operation. And that saves you time and money. Call the heating and cooling professionals at (337) 234-2345 to schedule your appointment today.

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How Regularly Should My Heat Pump Be Worked on?

We recommend calling in a specialist at least twice annually—once in the fall and once in the spring. When seasons first fluctuate, it’s a great time for heating and cooling service.

Your equipment works all year to keep you comfortable. All of that work can lead to stress or even a malfunction, especially if you don’t maintain it.

Heat Pump Tune-Up Checklist

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You already understand service is essential for an efficient, trustworthy heat pump. But what steps should you take to prepare for your upcoming tune-up? Here are a couple DIY things to do before your AC Sales specialist visits:
  • Check your outdoor unit. Your heat pump needs to remain clear at all times to keep your house comfortable. Be sure there’s no waste on or near your system. You’ll want about two feet clear surrounding your unit in every direction.
  • Spruce up your system. Double check your exterior equipment is free of dirt. If you spot dirt buildup, turn it off and slowly clean it with a limited pressure hose. Get rid of dirt within your house by dusting your vents.
  • Routinely put in a new your air filter. Your air filter keeps your air healthy and your heat pump running efficiently. Be sure to buy a new one every couple of months.

What Happens During a Heat Pump Tune-Up

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When your pro does come by, they’ll have a whole checklist of their own to take care of. Here are a couple of jobs your AC Sales technician will do during routine maintenance.

1. Completely examine your equipment.

Your specialist will examine a variety of different parts of your system—including your ducts, coil, blower, motor and more—for dirt.

2. Clean your system.

If they discover dirt in your system, your tech will remove it. They’ll also freshen up your coils and condensate pan.

3. Examine refrigerant.

Your specialist will take a look at your refrigerant concentration and replenish it if needed.

4. Investigate moving components.

Your equipment contains pieces that need to run nicely. If your professional locates problems, they’ll lubricate your equipment’s pieces.

5. Examine electrical connections.

Your system is a complicated electrical appliance. Verify it’s secure with an appointment with a AC Sales professional.

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Concerning your home comfort, performance and trustworthiness, heat pump service is one of the most important tasks you can do. The AC Sales team is available when you need help. Reach us at (337) 234-2345 or request an appointment with us online.

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